Middle School Curriculum Options

Individualized learning paths for all 7th and 8th grade students.

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Our school prides itself on creating an individualized learning path for all students. Customizing a student's journey involves assessing learning styles and then determining the best curriculum fit. Students and parents should work with their Independent Study Teacher to develop the best individualized plans to meet their learning needs. Students and parents should also ask:

  • Does my student do better in a live class? Or, would my student prefer to be self paced? Consider "Teacher Led" classes for live instruction and "On Your Own" classes for self paced curriculum.
  • Does my student prefer paper or online materials? Consider which curricula offer paper options.
  • Is my student on a path to become an NCAA athlete? Consider courses that are NCAA approved.
  • Which subjects is my student strong in? Consider "Parent Led and Teacher Supported" courses.
  • Which subject does my student need teacher help with? Consider "Teacher Led" and "Teacher Supported" courses.

Curriculum Options

Teacher Led (In-house)

These courses are fully teacher-led/supported by our in-house, Central Valley Charter Schools credential teachers. Parents/Learning Coaches continue to partner in supporting student learning, but direct instruction, assessment, and monitoring of student learning will come from the Single Subject credentialed teacher. English, math, science, social science, and electives classes are all offered in with these standards-aligned curriculums.

*Bright Thinker packets are also available; however they will require more parent support

Teacher Supported (Outside Vendor)

These courses are teacher-led by educators outside of the Central Valley Charter schools. Parents/Learning Coaches and Independent Study Teachers partner with these outside vendors to facilitate student learning. English, math, science, social science, and electives classes are all offered in with these standards-aligned curriculums.

*Additional third party vendors that offer standards-aligned curriculum are available. Contact your Independent Study Teacher for more information.

Parent Led and Teacher Supported

These courses need daily, active support from the Parent/Learning Coach and regular interaction with the Independent Study Teacher to ensure standards are met. Since they are not standards-aligned, course outlines are required for these courses.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of curriculum options. Any curriculum used by a family that is not listed in section 1 or 2 will automatically fall into section 3 and require a course outline to verify all state standards are met.

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