Educational Plans - Monarch River Academy
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The school is committed to empowering each student to reach their full potential. Students are engaged learners capable of deep understanding, creative thinking, and innovative approaches to problem solving. Using the Educational Plans, the student interests, talents and learning styles profile as their guide, as well as hands-on experiential learning, field trips, park days, and activities in the local community, credentialed teachers partner with parents to develop unique Personalized Educational Plans for each student.

Multi-Grade Level Lists

The skills noted in the multi-grade level lists for science and social studies can be learned and applied to the content areas for their respective grade level groupings. These lists should be used in conjunction with the content standards. These skills can be assigned to the lessons in your personalized curriculum to demonstrate the following intellectual, reasoning, reflection, and research skills.

K-8th Grade: Science K-8th Grade: Social Studies

I Can Checklists